Interactive Talk (Hindi) on "FALL IN LOVE WITH YOURSELF" by Shri Ramkumar Goel

Dear Friends,


I wish you all peace, good health, happiness and prosperity.

There comes a day when we realize every day is a blessing from God. And I consider it a new beginning. Most of the world’s scriptures and nearly all the world’s great spiritual masters emphasize that GRATITUDE is essential for a beautiful life. Most ordinary people too, would agree that complaining and criticizing can make life bitter and sour. Why should one be grateful? Being grateful makes us positive, happy and optimistic; it helps us see the bright side of life. It teaches us the art of appreciation, which is becoming a lost art for some of us today.

Some experts believe that we lack in the spirit of gratitude because we take things for granted. May be we need to go without the things we take for granted, to be able to appreciate what we have. When we become aware of all the things that we have to be grateful for, when we actually begin to count our blessings, we will be overwhelmed with gratitude for all that God has bestowed on us so generously. A peaceful sleep, our loved ones whose dearest wish is just to see us happy, our friends who add value to our life, good health which we utterly fail to appreciate until we fall ill, the fresh air and sunlight around us, the marvels of technology which have made our life so easy, the society and community which lets us live in peace and order – what would we do without them all? Try and write down all that you should be grateful for. Do not leave out anything! Do not take anything or anyone for granted! Being alive, being free to do what you care about, being literate, being with people – these are not rights for all; they are privileges which we enjoy and take for granted. And we ought to be grateful for them.

Thoughts have an inherent capacity to materialize. It is said - if we feel strongly about something, it definitely happens to us. It is that thought power which makes things happen. If we are grateful for what we have, we will attract many more things to be grateful for. Gratitude is the very basis of the abundant law of attraction.

Remember that gratitude is not an attitude to ourselves; it should be an attitude to life, an attitude which we show to others. Gratitude is most beautiful when it is expressed, and not just when it is felt. How we can feel gratitude without showing it? When we show gratitude, we are sharing our joy and happiness with others. During prayer, we light agarbattis or offer incense to show our gratitude to God; the fragrance from the incense spreads all around, making others happy. So it is with gratitude: it blesses both the giver and the receiver. It strengthens their faith in life, and teaches them to show their gratitude to others.

Gratitude is the foundation of a peaceful life, a secure and stable mind. A positive man, a man of contentment, is known by his attitude to the things happening around him. In every situation, under all conditions he says, “Praised be the Lord! Whatever He does, whatever He gives me, is worthy of praise.” This attitude of acceptance with gratitude is the secret of true contentment. But it should be genuine. It should come from the depths of your heart. We all have our own style. But if we say what we feel in the right tone at the right moment, even a simple, "Thank You!" means a lot.

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